Glacier Environmental Change


One small leap for drones, one giant step for mountain glaciologists

The high altitude UAV built by Oliver Wigmore was featured recently in a news feature and video by Science, remarking the work of him and Bryan Mark in the high Andes of Peru, during his PhD study at the Ohio State University. Oliver introduced the use of these exciting technologies, coupling remote sensing together with the desingn of special drones, in order to understand the spatiotemporal variability and changes in alpine ecohydrology and the mountain cryosphere. Congratulations to Oliver for this achievement. Stay tuned for ongoing innovations in this rapidly developing world of UAVs in glacier environmental research.

The New York Times article features the research held by our group

Showing its relevance for society, the NYT recently featured our research on glacier hydrology in Peru in a piece of the World Section. The article cited our paper from the Journal of Glaciology and quoted Jeff Bury, co-author and collaborator of the Glacier Environmental Group. The article focuses on the current use of melting water from the glaciers for the irrigation of thousands of hectares in the Peruvian desert.

John-Morgan Manos is distinguished with two of the most prestigious awards for Undergraduate students.

Already a glacier-rock-star, John-Morgan was awarded in early October with the Garry McKenzie & Henry Brecher Undergraduate Scholarship Fund for his project “Annual Surface Elevation of the Lehman Rock Glacier in Great Basin National Park”, and was recently also recognized with the 2017-2018 Taaffe award, the Department of Geography’s highest honor for undergraduate students for his outstanding performance. John-Morgan (second left) is a major in Geography and an active member of the Glacier Environmental Group. Congratulations to him for these great achievements.